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Diocese Annual Appeal $6,000,000

Since 1997, the Diocesan Annual Appeal has provided the faithful of the Diocese of La Crosse with a straightforward way to support the Diocesan ministries. By strengthening the Church’s financial base, the Diocesan Annual Appeal has significantly advanced the work of the Church in areas such as clergy healthcare, seminarian education, and Catholic service agencies by serving the needs of the human person, as well as our parishes, schools, and the universal Church. Being Catholic means taking responsibility for the needs of the wider Church, in addition to the parish, by using our God-given gifts and practicing the good stewardship of our time, talents, and treasures.

While the Inspired by the Spirit campaign is an effort outside the ordinary to focus on long-term strategic priorities, the Diocesan Annual Appeal provides critical operational funding allowing our important ministries, offices, and programs to continue doing good work from year to year. By combining these two efforts into a single campaign for one year, $6 million will be earmarked for the 2022-2023 Diocesan Annual Appeal and its 38 ministries, including:


  • Priestly vocation discernment and training
    − Discernment retreats for middle school and high school boys and college-aged men
    − Journey and Regency Programs
    − Seminarian tuition and assistance
  • The physical, mental, and spiritual care as well as continuing education for all our Priests
  • Formational and ongoing educational support of our Diaconate
  • Coordinating activities and consulting of persons seeking a consecrated life
  • The ongoing works of the Tribunal and Archives
  • The charitable works of Catholic Charities, our parishes, our Diocese, and the universal mission of the Church


Offices that support the ongoing training and administrative needs of our Diocese and parishes:

  • The Chancery
  • Office for Human Resources
  • Office for Communications and Public Relations
  • Office for Stewardship and Development
  • Office for Temporalities
    − Accounting and Finance
    − Buildings and Grounds


Offices that support the Diocesan and parish ministries through training, grants, and outreach:

  • Office for Catechesis and Evangelization
  • Office for Family Life
    − Marriage
    − Youth and Young Adult
  • Office for Ministries and Social Concerns
  • Office for Sacred Worship


The Office for Catholic Schools assists with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of our Catholic schools within the Diocesan geographical boundaries:

  • Catholic School Development
  • Direct Parish Subsidy for Catholic Schools
    − Grants to Parishes that support Catholic Schools
    − Tuition Assistance for families in Catholic Schools

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